Berlin, 26th September 2014

In September 2014, the results of the QUADRO Project were announced at a conference hosted in Berlin by the Association of German Public Banks. Dr. Liane Buchholz, Director of the Association of German Public Banks welcomed the attendees. On behalf of the QUADRO Partnership Professor Erwin Seyfried proudly presented the ‘Quality Assurance Handbook’. A round table discussion outlined the prospects of Quality Assurance, during which Marika Huber on behalf of Mediterranean Bank Network drew attention to the opportunities Quality Assurance offers to the Banking sector in improving, strengthening and simplifying procedures in risk management.

The project entitled ‘QUADRO’ (Quality Development Roadmap for training in the Financial Sector) has been funded with support from the European Commission with the objective to support and promote the improvement of the Quality Assurance approaches for Vocational Education & Training VET in the Financial Services Sector, from learning needs identification to impact of training results. Mediterranean Bank Network, a non-profit banking organisation and strategic partnership between leading and medium sized Mediterranean banks worked on the project together with the Berlin School of Economics and Law, University of Sofia, the Portuguese Bank Training Institute, European Banking Training Network , EFFEBI Association , Scienter Methodological and the National Bank of Slovakia Institute of Banking Education.

In their research the participants interviewed various entities in the field of Financial Services to assess the status of the implementation of quality assurance and the related instruments within the Financial Services Sector across Europe. Various country reports including that of Malta were put forward. So as to enhance the "tools" supply for improving the quality assurance in VET within the Financial Services Sector the next step was putting together a Tool Kit in line with EQAVET requirements and to pilot the proposed Handbook.

A follow up partner meeting and the European Evaluation Seminar was held in Malta in April 2014. . Various entities in the Financial Services Sector including those participating in the research attended the European Evaluation Seminar. Mr Horace Caruana representing the Vocational Education Unit within the Ministry of Education and Mr Alexander Spiteri, Director, Department for Quality Assurance, Research and Policy Development, National Commission for Further and Higher Education also participated and gave an insight to the relevant progress in Malta.

All in all, the finalised QUADRO was a two year project designed for providers of Vocational Education and Training in the financial services sector. The QUADRO Partnership formed a process of creating an internal Quality Assurance system in line with EQAVET.

Quadro Project April 2014

Left to right: Maria Matilde Albanese - Effebi Association, Prof Mario Spatafora – Effebi Association, Prof Erwin Seyfried – Berlin School of Economics and Law, Tatjana Rabe - Berlin School of Economics and Law, Prof Kamelia Stefanova - University of Sofia, Koen Venekamp - European Banking Training Network, Clemens Spoorenberg – European Banking Training Network, Prof Peter Szovics – National Bank of Slovakia Institute of Banking Education, Paula Diogo – Portuguese Bank Training Institute, Marika Huber – Mediterranean Bank Network, Dr Claudio Dondi – Scienter CID.

Quadro Project April 2014

September 2014 - The QUADRO project Team at the Final Conference in Berlin

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Synopsis of Mediterranean Bank Network intervention at the Conference Round Table

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Member banks
  • The Bank of Valletta Group is a leading financial services provider in Malta, providing retail banking, investment banking, private banking, fund management, bancassurance, stockbroking and trustee services.

  • Spain’s fourth largest private banking group, covering all areas of the financial business sector under a common denominator: professional performance and quality.

  • One of the leading banks in the Kingdom of Jordan. A bank that has distinctly adapted continuous development and improvement schemes in all of its activities.

  • BPCE Banques Populaires network has 8,500,000 clients and customers (including 3,900,000 members), more than 3,338 branches, and is part of the second largest French banking group – the BPCE Group.

  • With the largest network of banking, the Banque Populaire Group is the leading banking network in Morocco .By the end December 2012, its network was 1145 branches and over 1323 ATMs.