The ILPO55 Erasmus+ project kicked off in Malta on the 23rd and 24th October 2014 and was followed up by two meetings – February 2015 in Rome and July 2015 in Bucharest. To date all the member countries have presented their country reports based on the results of online questionnaires, focus groups and one to one interviews. The project partners will continue to work on the project results so far so as to develop a sustainable framework and will meet again in March 2016 to present further analysis.

This project is being developed to address the various European challenges and strategies and to provide tangible tools and approaches in implementing the management for the over 55 employability of individuals, with specific reference to the Financial Services industry. The project’s objective is to support the imparting of skills in the ‘over 55’ employment sector, and to engage employees to transferring work-based competencies and experiences to the younger generation. The benefits would motivate this sector to become more active and efficient, to support the reduction of skills mismatch and to enhance entrepreneurial behaviour thereby resulting in better exploitation of the over 55 competencies and work experience. The Project’s outcomes will bring a very important contribution to the sustainable implementation of age management and intergenerational approaches in the Financial Services Sector:

Aims of the Project

  1. To increase the employability, motivation and entrepreneurial behaviour of Financial Services Sector employees, at the workplace and/or when searching for new professional opportunities within the Financial Services Sector and/or other sectors.
  2. To reduce the unemployment rate of the Over 55 employees within the Financial Services Sector, in consideration of their increased professionalism.
  3. To strengthen cooperation between Employers, Trade Unions, Higher Education Institutions and VET providers in order to facilitate the professional development of the Over 55 employees.
  4. To develop the ILPO55 Reference Framework (including practical recommendations, instruments and tools) and two qualifications (including the course curricula and training programmes), which will enhance stakeholders involvement and motivate them to be more active in this field.
  5. To raise awareness about the benefits and opportunities that the further exploitation of ILPO55 results can bring for both employer and employees, and for their local community.
  6. To supply Banks and Financial Institutions with relevant skills and competencies and enhanced entrepreneurial behaviors at work place.
  7. To support Financial Services Sector institutions in their social responsibility strategies and activities.
  8. To facilitate work-based education and training for young employees, thus enhancing their employability.
  9. To support companies in their efforts to become 'Learning Organisations' through enhancing: the internal exchange and dialogue, the professional development opportunities for employees of all ages and learning approach to strategy.
  10. To provide input and relevant documentation for supporting national policies and strategies in the field.

The partners participating in the project are:

  • Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, an educational institute
  • Effebi Association, an HR association based in Italy
  • Institute of Banking Education NBS, based in Slovakia
  • Institute of Financial Services (IFS), a tertiary level educational institute based in Malta
  • Malta Union of Bank Employees, a trade union
  • Mediterranean Bank Network (MBN), a banking association
  • Uninettuno, a consortium of 43 Italian and foreign universities
  • NIBE-SVV, an educational institute for the Dutch banking, insurance and investment sector
  • IEF Spain a research, consulting and services organisation, active in the field of education and training
  • ANUP-International based in Romania specialised in adult education

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Member banks
  • The Bank of Valletta Group is a leading financial services provider in Malta, providing retail banking, investment banking, private banking, fund management, bancassurance, stockbroking and trustee services.

  • Spain’s fourth largest private banking group, covering all areas of the financial business sector under a common denominator: professional performance and quality.

  • One of the leading banks in the Kingdom of Jordan. A bank that has distinctly adapted continuous development and improvement schemes in all of its activities.

  • BPCE Banques Populaires network has 8,500,000 clients and customers (including 3,900,000 members), more than 3,338 branches, and is part of the second largest French banking group – the BPCE Group.

  • With the largest network of banking, the Banque Populaire Group is the leading banking network in Morocco .By the end December 2012, its network was 1145 branches and over 1323 ATMs.